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Course Syllabus

inclinometer courseThis course will help you make the most of your inclinometer program. It covers the basics and then introduces visual techniques for improving the accuracy of your inclinometer results. The techniques were developed by Erik Mikkelsen, who has worked with inclinometers for more than 30 years. Attendees learn:

  • How to use the seven types of inclinometer plots.
  • How to achieve first-order accuracy with inclinometers.
  • How to identify and correct systematic errors.
  • How to minimize the potential for error.

The general syllabus is presented below. The syllabus may vary slightly depending on the needs of the attendees. We've also posted sample chapters from the course booklet to give you a more detailed look at the course contents. If you're interested, take a look at the course schedule .

bias shift error

Inclinometer Basics
Overview of inclinometer systems
From tilt measurements to plots

Data Reduction
Reading units
Lateral deviation
Eliminating probe bias
Understanding checksums

Inclinometer Graphs
Presentation graphs
Diagnostic graphs
Scaling of graphs

Accuracy and Error
Inclinometer accuracy
Sources of error
Random vs systematic error

Identifying and Correcting Systematic Errors
Bias-shift errors
Rotation errors
Depth errors

Installing of Inclinometer Casing
Casing requirements
Borehole requirements
Installation requirements

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