DGSI Slope Indicator
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Tech Notes

Data Loggers

VW MiniLogger FAQ 10/2008

V-Logger FAQ 02/2016

Quattro Logger FAQ 12/2013

Campbell Scientific CR1000 FAQ 9/2013

Sample Programs for CR1000 9/2013

Instructions for FTP Scheduler 01/2011

Atlas Monitoring FAQ 11/2013

LoggerNet - Scheduled Retrieval via IP Modem 01/2011

Setup for Point-to-Point Radios 11/2010

Setup for Raven GSM Cell Modems 12/2010


Casing Installation

Casing Installation FAQ 12/2007

Grout Mixes for Casing Installation

Casing Buoyancy

Digitilt Classic System

Digitilt Probe FAQ 11/2006

DataMate Readout FAQ 7/2013

DataMate Communications Technote 7/2013

USB Drivers for DataMate II 11/2004

Spiral Surveys FAQ 7/2013

Digitilt AT System

Digitilt AT FAQ 2/2014

Reader App FAQ 2/2014

Inclinometer Software

DigiPro2 Software FAQ 10/2013

About DigiPro2 License Keys 11/2013

DigiPro2 Clave de la Licencia 10/2013

DMM and DigiPro1 See Retired Products below

In-Place Inclinometers

In-Place Inclinometers FAQ 8/2012

Theory & Practice

Inclinometer Accuracy

Advances in Data Analysis (PDF)

Good Practices


Guide To Instrumentation 11/2004

Choosing Geotechnical Instruments 02/2002

Purpose of Instrumentation 02/2002

About Instrument Specifications 07/2009

Grout Backfill for Borehole Instruments (PDF) 06/2003

Lightning Protection for Dam Instrumentation (PDF)

Sensors in the Real World (PDF)

Protecting Instruments with 'Quads' (PDF) 10/2005

Load Cells

Load Cell Q&A 12/2003

Magnet Extensometers

Magnet Extensometer Q&A 8/2004


Piezometers FAQ 5/2013

Fully-Grouted Method - Links & References 7/2008

Grout Mixes for Piezometers 6/2007

Water Level Indicator Q&A

Conversion Table - Units of Pressure 2/2004

Pressure Cells

Pressure Cells Q&A


256 Pneumatic Indicator Q&A 3/2004

VW Data Recorder Q&A 4/2010

Serial Ports and USB Adaptors 5/2013

Settlement Cells

Settlement Cell Q&A 3/2005


Sondex Q&A

Strain Gauges

VW Strain Gauge Q&A 6/2005

Water Level Indicator

Water Level Indicator Q&A 4/2004

Retired Products

Retired Software

DigiPro 1 Software Q&A 7/2013

DMM Software Q&A 7/2013

Retired Loggers

CR10 Configuration Basics 06/2002

Sample Programs for CR10X 12/2002

Retired Readouts

DataMate MP Q&A 7/2013

VWP Indicator Q&A 9/2004

VS DataMate Q&A

DGSI Information