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Replacement Parts for WLI Type B

Instructions: Use the drawings to find the part you need. Use the form to enter a quantity. Use the Tab key to move from field to field. At the bottom, enter your name and phone number. When you are done, click the "Send" button.

When we receive the form, we'll give you a call to answer your questions and to finalize your order. Don't worry if you make a mistake on the form: we won't process your order until we speak to you.

Reel Parts

Part Number Price in US$ Quantity
1 Poly clips
(2 clips and screws)
51670200 11.30
2 Knob for sensitivity switch 02700002 13.15
3 Cap for battery holder 01970013 5.21
4 Winding knob kit 51670150 29.50
5 Brake thumb screw 02776276 2.80


Probe Parts

Part Number Price in US$ Quantity
1 Stainless tip 11401300 15.10
2 Rebuild kit 51695230 28.50
3 Complete probe 51695200 89.25

Special crimp tool

51695275 26.50

The rebuild kit contains parts to repair a leaky probe or to attach the probe to a new cable. The special crimp tool is also required to attach the probe to a new cable. Read instructions on how how to attach a probe to a cable.


Factory Replacement of Probe

Price in US$
Probe with factory attachment to cable (cable not included). 51695210 150.00

Replacement Cable, English

Price in US$
Laser-marked cable, 50 feet 50690005 77.50
Laser-marked cable, 100 feet 50690010 101.00
Laser-marked cable, 150 feet 50690015 150.00
Laser-marked cable, 200 feet 50690020 190.00
Laser-marked cable, 300 feet 50690030 298.50
Laser-marked cable, 500 feet 50690050 479.00

Replacement Cable, Metric

Price in US$
Laser-marked cable, 30 m 50690303 102.00
Laser-marked cable, 50 m 50690305 162.25
Laser-marked cable, 100 m 50690310 315.00
Laser-marked cable, 150 m 50690315 471.75
Laser-marked cable, 200 m 50690320 630.00


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