DGSI Slope Indicator
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Repair and Calibration Services

DGSI's Mukilteo factory offers repair and calibration services for Slope Indicator equipment. You must obtain a return authorization (RMA) before sending equipment. The process is explained below:

If you are in the USA or Canada:

  1. If you need calibration services, click here to fill out our Calibration Request Form.
  2. If you need repair services, contact the regional sales person by phone or email: phone numbers and email addresses.
  3. We'll ask you to explain the problem. Sometimes we'll ask you to perform some troubleshooting steps. If that doesn't help, we'll collect some information from you, such as instrument serial number, addresses, etc. Then we'll email a return authorization to you. We call it an RMA.
  4. Print the RMA. Check that the information is correct and add some details if you want. Note the RMA number at the top of the paper.
  5. Write the RMA number on your shipping box.
  6. Pack the instrument carefully and place the printed RMA paper inside the box.
  7. Send the box to:
    Returns and Repair Department
    12123 Harbour Reach Drive
    Suite 106
    Mukilteo, WA, USA 98275

If you are outside the USA or Canada

  • Please contact your local distributor.
  • If there is no distributor in your country, please send us an email. Please do not send anything until you have received the RMA from us.


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