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VS DataMate Q&A

Question; How can I print data from the VS DataMate or get data into a spreadsheet? I want to use Excel to print and plot data recorded with my VS DataMate. How do I do that? The DataMate Manager program stores data in a database, but I want the data in Excel.

Solution 1 (Probably the easiest) You can output data directly from the DataMate to hyperterm on your Windows computer. Then you import the resulting ascii file into Excel.

1. Look at page 8-48 in the VS DataMate manual. It discusses printing data to a serial port and tells you the settings you need for the PC side.

2 Connect the DataMate to the PC just as you do when you are using the Manager program.

3. Start hyperterm, which is provided with Windows. Start - Programs - Accessories - Communications - Hyperterminal.

4. The hyperterminal folder opens. Click on Hypertrm.exe. Wait a bit for the advertising to go away.

5. Enter a name for your new connection. Say no to a telephone connection.

6. Click in the Connect Using field. Choose direct to com 1, com2, etc. Use the same com port that you use with the Manager program.

7. The port settings dialog appears. Use the settings in the manual. 9600 is the fastest.

8. Go to the Transfer Menu and choose Capture Text.

9. On the DataMate, choose Serial Print, then choose 9600, then select the All Data report or the Sensor Data report. Read about this on page 8-49.

10. When the data is captured, go to file save as to save the file. You can choose a file type.

11. Then open Excel and import the resulting file.

Solution 2

1. Download MP Graph from the Windows Downloads section of this website.

2. Use the included utility program to convert from the VS datamate database to an access database.

3. Use MP graph to plot data. Or use MP graph to select data to export to a file that excel can read. You can download the manual for MP graph from the webite.

Solution 3

1. Use the DOS IDAgraph program to export the data. You'll probably need a manual for this and it is not available on the website. The other options above are better. IDAgraph is available from our website under DOS Downloads.

2. Import the resulting file with Excel.

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