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Sample Programs for CR10X

The programs and wiring diagrams below are supplied as examples for those familiar with CR10X programming. Slope Indicator cannot offer technical support for these programs. Slope Indicator offers custom programming at fixed rates. If you need CR10X support in any way, please request these programming services.

EL SC Sensors

EL SC Sensors with 2.5v Signal Conditioning: This program shows how to read EL IPI sensors and EL Monopod tiltmeters using a CR10X and an external AM416 multiplexer. The program file is named elsc25-to-mux.csi . The wiring diagram for the program is named elsc25-to-mux-wiring.pdf.

EL SC Sensors with 2.5V Signal Conditioning and Serial Mux: This program shows how to use a CR10X to read EL IPI sensors equipped with an internal multiplexer. The program file for biaxial sensors is named elsc25serialmux.csi . The program file for uniaxial sensors is named elsc25serialmux-uniaxial.csi.

For sensors manufactured Jan 2004 and later, use this wiring diagram: elsc25-serialmux-wiring-2004.pdf

For sensors manufactured before Jan 2004, use this wiring diagram: elsc25-serialmux-wiring.pdf .

VW Sensors

VW Sensors with AVW1 and P28 Instruction: This program reads 16 VW sensors that are connected to an AM416 or AM16/32 multiplexer. prog28avw1.csi

VW Sensors with AVW100 and P131 Instruction:
prog131a.csi allows setting of sweep range for each sensor and provides a table for entering polynomial factors for engineering units.

prog131s.csi is the same as above without the polynomial factors for engineering units.

prog131p.csi is the same as above but lets users set a fixed sweep for all sensors.

Resistance Temperature Sensors

RTDs and Thermistors are connected the same way: resistance-temp-wiring.pdf

This zip file contains a sample program with entries for both RTDs and Thermistors. To use, comment-out the unneeded sensor type: resistance-temp-3rtdtherm01.zip



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