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Landslide Warning System

Sun-Yat-Sen UniversityKaohsiung, Taiwan: Sun-Yat-Sen National University is located on the lower slopes of Sao-San. The potential for a landslide and the need for an early warning system caused authorities to install an extensive monitoring system, much of it operating in real time. The photograph at right is taken from the upper slopes of Sao-San looking down at the university.

cr10 dataloggerSan Lien Technology Corporation was selected to install the monitoring system. The system consists of 10 piezometers installed on the upper slopes of the mountain, 17 tiltmeters placed on retaining walls, and 12 inclinometers which are installed through the slip plane. The piezometers monitor pore-water pressure, the tiltmeters monitor rotation of the retaining walls, and the inclinometers monitor subsurface movements.

data collection schemeThe site is divided into four areas, A, B, C, and D. In each area, readings are collected by a CR10X data logger and relayed to computers for processing by three short-haul modems and one wireless modem. The four computers are joined to an intranet. Inclinometer readings are obtained manually, but could be automated in the future.

Thanks to San Lien Technology Corporation for supplying this story. San Lien specializes in system integration and distributes Slope Indicator equipment in Taiwan.

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