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  Project Project Type Instruments
Porce III dam Porce III Hydro Dam
Dam Construction Piezometers, Strain Gauges, Jointmeters, Data Loggers.
MRT Taipei MRT Construction
Construction of elevated transit system in densely populated urban districts In-Place Inclinometers, Tiltmeters, Beam Sensors
Perth light rail New Metro Rail Australia Light Rail project required both above-surface and subsurface monitoring. Tiltmeters, beam sensors, inclinometers, rod extensometers, magnet extensometers, VW MiniLoggers, VW piezometers, water level indicators, in-place inclinometers.
Guayaquil Tunnels,
Extensometers and other instruments were used to monitor tunnel construction. Rod extensometers, inclinometers, pressure cells.
Hoover Dam ByPass USA Goodman jack is used to investigate potential footings for a bridge. Goodman Jack
High Speed Railway, Taiwan Track monitoring system verifies that track bed is safe, stable, and operational during excavations for piers on either side of the railway. EL beam sensors, dataloggger
New Victoria Dam,
An extensive transient protection system was implemented at this dam. VW piezometers, strain gauges, data loggers, lightning protection.
Potomac Yard
Storm Sewer Tunnel
Alignment for new storm sewer requires tunneling under a railroad embankment. EL beam sensors, datalogger, MultiMon software.
Hope Valley Reservoir Southern Australia Real-time monitoring used during remedial work carried out on century-old dam. Inclinometers, piezometers, datalogger, Multimon software
Pipeline Monitoring,
Douglas Pass,
Instrumentation provides data that helps pipeline engineers avoid ruptures due to geologic hazards. Inclinometers, piezometers, VW spotweldable strain gauges, extensometers.
Deep Tunnel Sewerage System, Singapore Instrumentation monitors railway and secant pile walls during tunnel construction. EL tiltmeters, VW spot-weldable strain gauges, datalogger, Multimon software
San Roque Dam
Instrumentation monitors construction and performance of large rockfill dam. Rod extensometers, VW and pneumatic piezometers, data loggers
Tunnel Construction
Swiss Rail tracks are monitored as work proceeds on highway tunnel under the tracks. EL beam sensors, dataloggers.
Real-Time Monitoring
Portcullis House, UK
Real-time monitoring plays a significant role in the construction of UK's new parliamentary building. EL beam sensors, tiltmeters, liquid level, rod extensometer, data loggers, MultiMon.
Sun-Yat-Sen University, Taiwan Landslide monitoring and warning system help protect a university. Inclinometers, piezometers, tiltmeters, data loggers.
Huckleberry Mine, BC, Canada Tailings dam employs grouted-in piezometers and a comprehensive lighting protection system. VW piezometers, inclinometers
Louisiana Transportation Research Center Instrumentation monitors a reinforced soil embankment built on a soft clay foundation. Horizontal and vertical inclinometers
Deep Excavation in Lisbon, Portugal Deep excavation for underground shopping center and parking in central Lisbon Inclinometers, tiltmeters, VW piezometers, tape extensometers.
New York Subway, 53rd Street Fan Plant Instrumentation of subway tunnel and construction of fan plant shaft. VW strain gauges, EL beam sensors, Bassett Convergence systems.
Deutsche Post Headquarters Instrumentation of piles used for foundation of building. Pressure cells, VW strain gauges
Upper Huia Dam,
New Zealand
Concrete gravity dam retrofit with piezometers to monitor uplift pressures. VW piezometers, 4-20mA interface
Globe Theatre, London, England Real-time monitoring during construction at Globe Theatre in London. EL beam sensors, data loggers, software
Underground Processing Plant, Helsinki, Finland Real-time monitoring warns of any damage to a tunnel as drilling and blasting takes place near by. Bassett Convergence System, MultiMon Software
Boddington Gold Mine, Australia Engineers determine that pit walls can be steepened, but preserve margin of safety with tiltmeters and an alarm system. EL tiltmeters, data loggers.
Track Monitoring in Canada Track monitoring system replaces a full-time manned watch over a section of track near Hamilton, Ontario. Track sensors, EL beam sensors, data loggers, Atlas web-based monitoring system
Deep Excavation in Sydney, Australia Highly-stressed rock and six brick-lined rail tunnels near by complicated a deep excavation in Sydney's central business core. Inclinometers, tape extensometer, load cells, survey points
Monitoring Light Rail Tunnels in Kuala Lumpur Real-time monitoring of two light rail transit tunnels provides safety for commuters while major road construction takes place just a few meters overhead. Bassett Convergence System, EL beam sensors, MultiMon software
Monitoring near Brekky Creek, Australia Before a tunnel is built, engineers study how ground water levels in the area respond to tides and other factors. VW piezometers, MiniLoggers
Snake River Canyon, USA Highway improvement requires soil nail wall and MSE structure. Inclinometers, strain gauges
Grouting-in Piezometers Lab tests measure response time of VW piezometers embedded directly in bentonite grout. VW piezometers
Track Monitoring, England Track monitoring system warns of embankment failure EL beam sensors, data logger, MultiMon software
Ialy Dam, Vietnam Clay-core rockfill dam increases Vietnam's power generating capacity. VW piezometers, pressure cells, strainmeters, inclinometers, data loggers
Environmental Dredging, Netherlands Industrial pollutants are dredged from the floor of the Ketelmeer, cleaned, and stored safely inside a man-made island. VW push-in piezometers, pressure cells, data loggers
Point Marion Lock, USA Instrumentation program and carefully sequenced construction allows economical replacement of a lock with minimal disruption of river traffic. Inclinometers, piezometers
Church Street Bridge, Australia Instrumentation monitors bridge geometry as bridge supports are replaced. EL tiltmeters, displacement sensors, data loggers
Second Manapouri Tunnel, New Zealand Instrumentation monitors construction of tailrace tunnel. Inclinometers, piezometers, crackmeters, rod extensometers, tape extensometers
Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia VW pressure cells installed in foundation of the worlds tallest office building. VW pressure cells
Ennepetal Dam, Germany Dam rehabilitation Inclinometers, piezometers, pendulum system
Bieudron Power House, Switzerland Instrumentation monitors performance of concrete surrounding feeder ring of turbine. VW embedment strain gauges


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