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Trade-In Program Expanded

DGSI's trade-in program has been expanded and we are now accepting a variety of geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring products. We will give you up to a $3,500 trade-in credit towards a new Digitilt AT system or up to $350 towards a new V-Logger vibrating wire data logger. For more details, please click here.

V-Logger Firmware Update

A new version of the V-Logger firmware (v2.5) has been released. The firmware can be downloaded here. Instructions on how to install the new firmware on your V-Logger can be found here. Version 2.5 of the firmware includes a number of enhancements, including the ability to access data stored on the logger even if it becomes non-functional due to a self-test failure during startup.

During start up, the logger checks all of the critical functions as well as self-calibrates. Should any of these tests fail, the logger will not operate. This update will allow you to bypass the self-test and retrieve any data currently stored on the logger prior to sending it in for repair.

Trade In Program Announced for Classic Inclinometer System

Classic SystemAT System

Trade in your Digitilt "Classic" system and we will give you a $3,500 trade-in credit towards a new Digitilt AT system. DGSI will take ownership of the used Digitilt Classic system and you will get a brand new complete Digitilt AT system at a fraction of the standard cost. Learn more about the trade-in program here.

Announcing the Release of DGSI's new Vibrating Wire Loggers: The V-Logger Series!

The new V-Logger series from DGSI features industry leading accuracy. Available with either four or eight channels with a rechargeable battery option for remote locations. Learn more at the V-Logger page here. New version of the Logger Manager Software also released to support the V-Logger series.

Download the (64-bit) software here.

Click here for the 32-bit version.

Digitilt AT Inclinometer System


The Digitilt AT represents the next generation of inclinometers from Slope Indicator. Drawing on the company's fifty-five years of inclinometer expertise and enabled by advances in sensor and mobile computing technology, the AT system is both simple and powerful. Learn more....

Digitilt Reader App Now Available on Android Mobile Phones

Forgot your tablet? Your Android phone can now read Digitilt inclinometer data for viewing and sending it to your computer. Download it at the Google Play Store today! Requires Andriod 3.0+. (Please note that although the Reader App has been successfully tested on several phones, we do not support any products not sold by DGSI.)

Recommended Tablets for Digitilt Reader App

The Digitilt Reader App is available for download from the Google Play Store. Please note that DGSI only supports products we sell, and you can purchase a Google Nexus 7, Panasonic Tough Pad JT-B1 (pictured), or Panasonic Tough Pad FZ-A1 from us to run this app. Additionally, though not supported, this app has also been successfully tested on the CederTree CT7, Samsung Galaxy Tab A (both 8.0" and 9.7"), and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S (both 8.4" and 10.5"). Requires Android 3.0 or newer.





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