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Track Monitoring System

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Track Settlement Sensor
Track Settlement Sensor
Track Twist Sensor
Track Twist Sensor


Track monitoring systems help maintain the safety of railroad tracks by monitoring settlement and twist. The systems are installed when nearby construction activities, such as tunneling or excavation, may affect the safety of the tracks. The systems are also installed on tracks that pass through areas endangered by landslides or washouts.

Settlement of the track is monitored by linked track-settlement sensors that are mounted directly on the ties (sleepers). With continuous track, the track settlement sensors are anchored in the ballast instead. Twist in the track is monitored by track twist sensors mounted on the long-axis of the ties.

All sensors are connected to an automatic data acquisition system. The data acquisition system can be programmed to provide local alarms. When external communications links are possible, data are transmitted to a data center where the Atlas web-based monitoring system is installed. Atlas processes the data, checks for alarms, and provides plots of settlement and twist. If movement exceeds safe limits, Atlas can notify safety officials via email or text messages sent to mobile phones.


  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction, made to withstand vibration and reballasting activities.
  • Continuous, unattended monitoring, with local alarms possible.
  • Trend graphs, profile plots, and alarms can be made available on the internet via the Atlas server.
  • Proven in installations in the US, UK,Canada, Switzerland, and Australia.

For more information

Please download the Track Monitoring System datasheet. It can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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