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EL Tiltmeters


el tiltmeter
Datasheet Manual

EL tiltmeters are narrow-angle, high-resolution sensors used to monitor changes in the inclination of a structure. They can provide an accurate history of movement and early warning of potential structural damage. Applications for tiltmeters include:

  • Monitoring the rotation of retaining walls, piers, and piles.
  • Monitoring the behavior of structures under load.
  • Documenting effects of nearby excavations and providing early warning of potential damage.


An EL tiltmeter consists of an electrolytic tilt sensor housed in a compact, weatherproof enclosure. The tilt sensor is a precision bubble-level that is sensed electrically as a resistance bridge. The bridge circuit outputs a voltage proportional to the tilt of the sensor.

The EL tiltmeter has a very narrow range, so it is necessary to "null" the sensor at installation time. This provides the maximum measurement range and also takes advantage of the sensor's best characteristics. The EL Nulling Device or the EL Data Recorder are convenient tools for the nulling operation.

When the tiltmeter is read manually, changes in inclination are found by comparing the current reading to the initial reading. EL tiltmeters may also be connected to a data logger, which can obtain frequent readings, perform calculations, and trigger alarms if tilt or the rate of change exceeds preset limits.


High-Resolution: The EL tiltmeter measures tilt over a range of +/- 40 arc minutes. It can can detect changes as small as one arc second (0.00028 degree).

Easy-Installation: The EL tiltmeter is supplied with a rotating mounting bracket that allows the tiltmeter to be mounted to floors, wall, and ceilings. The mounting bracket requires a single anchor.

Robust and Reliable: The sensor has no moving parts and is protected by a weatherproof enclosure.

Ready for Data Logging: The EL tiltmeter is compatible with most data loggers but can also be read manually.

For more information

Please download the datasheet and manual for the EL Tiltmeter. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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