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VW Arc-Weldable Strain Gauge


vw arc-weldable strain gauge
Datasheet Manual

Vibrating wire arc-weldable strain gauges are used to measure strain in steel or strain in concrete and masonry structures. Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring structural members of buildings and bridges during and after construction.
  • Monitoring load in struts used to brace deep excavations.
  • Measuring strain in tunnel linings and supports.
  • Monitoring areas of concentrated stress in pipes.
  • Monitoring distribution of load in pile tests.
  • Monitoring cracks in concrete (may require long-base strain gauge).


The strain gauge operates on the principle that a tensioned wire, when plucked, vibrates at its natural harmonic frequency, and by measuring that frequency, we can calculate the strain in the wire. The gauge is constructed so that a wire is held in tension between two mounting blocks that are welded to the structural member. Loading of the structural member changes the distance between the two mounting blocks and results in a change in the tension of the wire. An electromagnet is used to pluck the wire and measure the frequency of vibration. Strain is then calculated by applying calibration factors to the frequency measurement.


The strain gauge is supplied with two mounting blocks which are arc-welded to the steel surface. For applications on concrete, small holes are drilled into the structure and groutable mounting blocks are used.


Field-Adjustable: The strain gauge can be adjusted so that most of its range is available to measure compression or tension, as required by the application.

Removable Coils: The coils used to excite and read the vibrating wire can be removed from the strain gauge to be used on future installations.

Built-in Temperature Sensor: The temperature sensor is useful for temperature corrections when the gauge is installed on materials that have a different temperature coefficient.

Easy Installation: The mounting system ensures that the gauge is not damaged during installation of the mounting plates. Also, this mounting system allows repositioning or reuse of the gauge.

Reliable Signal Transmission: The strain gauge provides a strong signal which can be transmitted reliably over long distances with properly shielded cable.

For more information

Please download the datasheet and manual for the VW arc-weldable strain gauge. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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