DGSI Slope Indicator
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Digitilt DataMate

Readouts for Digitilt Inclinometer Sensors

The Digitilt DataMate II is a portable readout used to record data from Digitilt inclinometer probes, tiltmeters, and spiral sensors. It can store up to 320 surveys and operate 16 hours.

The Digitilt 09 is a non-recording readout, now used mainly for Digitilt tiltmeters.

EL Data Recorder

Readouts for MEMS and EL Sensors

The EL/MEMS Data Recorder is a portable readout for MEMS sensors and signal conditioned EL sensors. It is used to read tiltmeters and to also to check other sensors at installation time.

Campbell Scientific data loggers can read both standard and signal conditioned EL sensors. The M-Logger can read MEMS sensors and signal conditioned EL sensors.

EL Nulling Device

The EL Nulling Device is an installation tool used to with EL tiltmeters and EL beam sensors. It is compatible with both standard EL sensors and signal-conditioned EL sensors.

Pneumatic Indicator

Readouts for Pneumatic Sensors

The Pneumatic Pressure Indicator is used to read twin-tube pneumatic sensors, such as pneumatic piezometers, total pressure cells, and settlement cells.

VW Data Recorder

Readouts for Vibrating Wire Sensors

The VW Data Recorder is a simple recording readout for pluck-type vibrating wire sensors, RTDs, and thermistors. It can record readings and transfer them to a PC for processing with a spreadsheet.

Vibrating wire sensors can also be read by Campbell Scientific data loggers, the VW Quattro Logger, and the VW MiniLogger.




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