DGSI Slope Indicator
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Comparison: Portable vs In-Place Systems

  Portable Systems In Place Systems
+/- 30 degrees nominal
+/- 15 degrees
Contiguous measurements
normally at 0.5m or 2 ft intervals
Continguous measurements
normally at 1, 2, or 3 m intervals
Reading Time
35 minutes per 30m / 100 ft
Unattended Readings
Main Advantages
Portability allows monitoring of inclinometers distributed over wide area
Unattended readings can provide
real-time alarms.
Main Limitations
Technican must visit site for each survey.
Requires logger, protection from electrical transients
Installation Cost
Cost of drilling borehole
Cost of sensors and logger in addition to cost of drilling borehole.
On-Going Costs
Technican must visit site for each survey.
Maintenance of logger.

Comparison: Classic vs AT Systems

  Classic System AT System
Sensor Type Analog, force-balanced servo accelerometers Digital MEMS
Calibrated Range
+/- 30 degrees
+/- 30 degrees
Control Cable
Heavy-duty polyurethane, rubber graduations, lengths to 300m / 1000 ft
Light-weight polyurethane, metal graduations, lengths to 100m / 300 ft.
Reel Optional Bluetooth Reel
Indexing Pulley Assembly Cable Gate
Readout Digitilt DataMate II, 16 hr battery life Android Tablet, 8 hr battery life
Reading Time
30 minutes per 30m / 100 ft
35 minutes per 30m / 100 ft
PC Data Management
DigiPro2 Software
DigiPro2 Software
Main Advantages
Time-tested design, good battery life,detachable cable, also works with horizontal probe and spiral sensor
Simpler operation, displays engineering units, high resolution plots in field, wireless data transfers, huge data capacity.
Main Limitations
Heavier cable
No long cable lengths, shorter battery life