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VW Quattro Logger

vw quattro logger
Datasheet Manual

The VW Quattro Logger is a compact data logger designed to monitor four vibrating wire sensors. It is simple to use and economical to deploy.


The Quattro Logger is ideal for monitoring multilevel piezometers and multipoint extensometers.

It is also useful for supplementing a larger, centralized data logging system.


Simple to Use: Learn how to use the Quattro Logger in minutes, not hours. There are no programs to write and no switches to set.

Cost-Effective: Quattro Loggers are the right size for many projects. It is possible to deploy two or three Quattro Loggers for less than the cost of a full-size logger, while significantly reducing cable costs and eliminating the need for complex programming.

Encapsulated electronicsReliable:The Quattro Logger is rated for temperatures from -20 to +70°C, and its encapsulated electronics (see photo at right) are impervious to humidity and condensation. Readings are stored in secure, non-volatile memory.

Convenient Data Processing: The supplied Manager program retrieves readings and stores them in an ASCII file, ready to open with a spreadsheet. The file contains two data values for each reading: a value in Hz and a value in engineering units. Thus calibration factors need not be applied in the spreadsheet.

Atlas Compatible: The Manager software can store data in a format that is compatible with Slope Indicator's Atlas web-based monitoring software.

Compact: The Quattro Logger measures 240 x 160 x 81 mm high (9.5 x 6.3 x 3.2 inch).

For more information

Please download the datasheet and the manual for the VW Quattro Logger. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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