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Datasheet Manual

M-Loggers are used to monitor Slope Indicator MEMS sensors. They are also compatible with EL-SC sensors. Simple to use and economical to deploy, M-Loggers can be placed close to sensors, enhancing reliability and keeping cable costs down.

When M-Loggers are equipped with wireless communications modules, data can be retireved automatically and forwarded to a web-based monitoring site, such as Atlas.


  • Top-of-hole monitoring of in-place inclinometer sensors.
  • Local monitoring of beam sensors and track sensors.
  • Monitoring in areas where heavy traffic or electrical noise make short signal cables necessary.
  • Monitoring sensors that are too far apart to connect to a centralized data acquisition system.

System Components

M-Logger: Each logger can monitor a chain of 16 serial sensors, or one multiplexer with 16 standard sensors, or one standard sensor connected directly.

Power Supply: The logger is powered by a 12 V battery. Longterm deployment or wireless communications normally requried a charging regulator and power source such as an AC adaptor or solar panel.

Multiplexer: A multiplexer is available for connecting non-serial sensors. Serial sensors need no multiplexer.

Weatherproof Enclosures: Small and medium sized boxes are available.

Communications Modules: These include point-to-point radios, cell modems, and Wi-Fi radios.

Windows Software: Manager software for Windows is included with the logger. The software is used for setups and for retrieving data. It offers scheduled, automatic data retrieval and cann push data files to specified internet addresses as well as storing files locally.


Simple Setup: M-Loggers are very easy to configure. The user enters a list of sensors, sets a start time, and specifies a logging interval. After that, the logger is ready for work.

Cost-Effective: M-Loggers are a cost-effective alternative to centralized data acquisition systems. Local deployment of the logger eliminates the cost of installing and protecting long runs of cable.

Spreadsheet Friendly: CSV files from the logger are ready for import, with dates and numbers formatted to the regional settings in Windows.

Wireless Data Retrieval: Manager software makes wireless data retrieval easy and automatic. Of course, data can also be retrieved by direct connection.

Push to Web: Manager software can sorward data files to a web-based monitoring site, such as Atlas, for automated processing.

Automation-Ready: Data formats for automatic processing include the Campbell Scientific table format and the Slope Indicator ID format.

For more information

Please download the datasheet and the manual for the M-Logger. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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