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Full-Size Data Loggers


CR1000 Datasheet

A complete data acquisition system consists of data logger components, data retrieval components, and software components.

Data Logger Components

Data Loggers: Campbell Scientific data loggers are known for their field reliability and offer compatibility with a wide range of sensors and data retrieval options.

A single data logger can read a large number of sensors provided they are concentrated into a small area. Additional loggers should be deployed if sensors are distributed over a wide area. This keeps signal cables short, reduces problems with noise, and minimizes the potential for damage from construction activities and electrical transients. Cost savings on cable can sometimes pay for the additional loggers.

Interface Modules: Certain types of sensors require additional interfaces. For example, vibrating wire sensors require a VW interface, which is connected between the data logger and a multiplexer.

Multiplexers: Multiplexers increase the number of sensors that can be monitored by a data logger. For example, the CR1000 can control up to seven multi-plexers, each capable of handling 16 to 32 sensors. In practice, the data logger usually controls one or two multiplexers, and additional loggers and multiplexers are employed if there are more sensors.

Power Supplies: A power supply provides regulated power to the logger and sensors. Power is drawn from a battery that is charged from AC mains power or a solar panel.

Weatherproof Enclosures: All field components must be housed in weatherproof enclosures.

Data Retrieval Options

Wired Links: Wired links for data retrieval include direct connection to the PC, telephone modems, short haul modems, and multidrop networks. Wired links are usually less expensive and easier to set up. They are also better for real-time data retrieval.

Wireless Links: Wireless links for data retrieval include cell modems, and spread-spectrum radio modems. Wireless links are useful when distances, site traffic, or other obstacles make wired links impractical. Also, to the degree that wireless links eliminate surface runs of cable, they also reduce problems caused by electrical transients.

More about data retrieval options

Software Components

Logger Control Software: LoggerNet software is used to create monitoring programs and to retrieve data from logger to PC.

Custom Programming: Slope Indicator offers custom monitoring programs for Campbell data loggers. The programs, which are created with LoggerNet and can be modified by the user, significantly reduce the time and expense required to deploy the data acquisition system.

Argus Web-Based MonitoringWeb-Based Monitoring: Processing and distributing the data collected by data loggers can be a daunting task. Atlas Monitoring Software provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to this problem. Atlas automatically processes readings, checks for alarms, displays graphs, and generates reports. Distribution is immediate because Atlas works on the internet. Users can view and download data with their web browsers, whether they are at work, at home, at a client's office, or half-way around the world.

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Please download the datasheet for the Campbell Scientific Data Loggers and Atlas Web-Based Monitoring.

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