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Atlas Projects

An Atlas project holds sensor calibrations, processing instructions, graphs, views, reports, alarms, and data for all the sensors at a project site. All of this information is stored in a secure, central location, where it is immediately available to authorized users.

Project Home
Atlas Menus

The Project Page

When users log in, Atlas displays the project page. Each project page can be customized by logo graphics. The smaller logo is for the name of the consultant or organization, and the larger logo is used for the name of the project.


Users and Menus

Atlas provides three types of users. This makes it safe, easy, and practical to share project data with a wide audience.

Guests have the fewest options. They can see plan views and plots and manage their own passwords.

Users have more permissions. They can also confirm alarms, download data, upload manually-collected data, and add entries and photos to the logbook.

Administrators have access to all features. They can create new projects, add users, add sensors, set up trend plots and plan views, set alarm levels, create reports, and archive data.

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Common Questions

Is it difficult to set up an Atlas project?

No. Atlas is designed for easy setup by users. It is easy to make changes, too.

How do new users know they have been added to a project?

When the administrator adds a user to the project, Atlas automatically sends an email to the new user. It contains his user name, password, and a link to the project.

Can a user be added to more than one project?

Yes, a user may be added to any number of projects.

Suppose my consulting firm is working on several different projects, each with a different owner. Can these owners see the other projects?

No. You'll assign the owner to his own project. When the owner logs in, Atlas will show only that project, possibly customized with his own logo. The owner will not see any other projects or even know that they exist.

How many projects does Atlas allow?

Atlas Web Service offers a ready-to-use Atlas account with an unlimited number of projects. Monthly fees for the service vary according to the number of sensors used.

Can guests see everything that users and administrators see?

Not necessarily. An administrator can choose which plots, views, and alarms are visible to guests. He can also modify permissions for each user, adding more or fewer permissions.



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