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Atlas Overview


Data files from the project site are forwarded to Atlas on the internet. Atlas processes the readings to check for alarms and stores the data in a database. Users can then view processed data and graphs with their web browsers.

Data and graphs are available anywhere there is an internet connection: at work, at home, at the client's office, or half-way around the world.

Data Presentation

Atlas presents data in the following ways:

  • Views show the location of sensors at the site, their current readings, and their alarm status. Views are updated when new readings arrive and can show alarms, as required.
  • Plots can be viewed on screen, printed, and included in reports. Plot types include trend plots, profile plots, and correlation plots.
  • Tabular Data can be displayed instantly with plots. Data can also be downloaded for further analysis.
  • Reports are generated automatically and emailed to users on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  • Alarms appear on screen. Alarm notifications are sent out by email and can be forwarded to cell phones.

For a short video overview of Atlas, please click here.

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